About 5th Vital Healthcare

Who We Are:

We are a healthcare services company providing concierge-level care coordination for spinal cord stimulator (SCS) candidates.

What We Do:

5VH increases patient satisfaction with by providing personalized care services. We collect data to better understand and improve patient outcomes.

How We Do It:

We combine a technology and an education platform to streamline the process of data collection and communication between patients, physicians and healthcare facilities. Personalized service paired with cutting-edge technology helps improve patients’ overall healthcare experience.

Help Us Help You and Your Patients
  • Often, dramatically reduce ongoing pain in patients to improve quality of life
  • Reducing pain levels with SCS typically decreases chronic opioid use
  • We collaborate with our partner physicians and share best SCS practices throughout the 5VH network
  • SCS reduces the overall healthcare resources and dollars spent on chronic pain patients
  • Our services are free of charge to you and your patients!
We Strive to Create Centers of Excellence for Your Patients

5th Vital Healthcare focuses on working with forward-thinking healthcare facilities and trusted practitioners in the medical community to better serve patients considering SCS. We look forward to telling you how you can join our partnership!

Compliance Program
Strong Business Approach with a ROBUST Compliance Program
  • Our company was created by industry executives, healthcare facility owners, pain management physicians, and surgeons to help impart a higher standard of care to pain patients, who are often overlooked in the system.
  • We have a compliance program that aligns all participants to actively engage in improving each patient’s quality of life.
  • We employ extensive systems, policies, and procedures designed by healthcare compliance professionals.
  • We foster a culture of measurement, compliant behaviors, best practices and protocols, and unparalleled customer service!
Three Pillars of Success
Concierge Service for Patients

Our Care Coordinators provide outstanding, customized service and support by focusing on improving the patient experience.

Data Collection

We believe it is imperative to collect comprehensive data relative to patient experience, outcomes and pain reduction. This leads to improved clinical results and overall quality of care in each facility and physician’s practice.

Best in Class Protocols

We constantly seek out and share best practices and protocols for the pain management physician community and partner spine surgeons.

Shared Space

Interested in expanding your practice locations? We are offering a shared clinic space for our partners in central Austin! Ask us about how we can accommodate you.

Bring our Care Coordinators to Your Patients