Why Did Your Physician Recommend 5th Vital Healthcare?

Chronic pain patients are often overlooked and underserved in today’s healthcare system, but at 5th Vital Healthcare (5VH), they come first. We are committed to guiding patients through the Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) process smoothly and with plenty of support. Our experienced Care Coordinators help patients and their families navigate each step of the process to reduce potential obstacles and delays. We understand that all patients are unique, and we pride ourselves on providing customized support for patients and their caregivers.

5VH is PASSIONATE about patient care. We strive to see our patients living their best lives. We partner with trusted practitioners at forward-thinking healthcare facilities. Through these partnerships, we can better serve patients considering spinal cord stimulators.
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Why Should You Consider a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)?
  • You may undergo a non-surgical trial period with SCS before deciding on permanent surgical placement of the device
  • More patients qualify now
  • Wireless technology makes easy daily adjustments possible
  • Customized therapy for each patient
  • Batteries have a long life, with rechargeable and non-rechargeable options
  • Results averaging 50-80% in pain reduction with dramatic reduction in pain medication usage
Patient Decision Journey
Consultation & Assessment

Once your doctor has identified you as a candidate for SCS, a 5th Vital Care Coordinator will meet with you in person or over the phone. We review your history with pain, and provide you a scheduling plan, educational materials, and peer access. We will review and work with your specific insurance requirements to get you scheduled for the pre-screening assessment.

Trial Period

Once you have completed your pre-screen assessment, we will assist in scheduling your trial implantation. The trial period can last 5-10 days and will determine if SCS relieves your pain. After your trial period is complete, you will return to your physician to determine whether to move forward with a permanent SCS device.

Permanent Procedure & Follow-Up

Prior to your permanent procedure, your Care Coordinator will help finalize last minute details for your surgery. If requested, your Care Coordinator can be on-site with your family during your surgery. Post-surgery, we will follow your progress and continue to offer support.

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Care Coordination Process With Us

As a patient, you are assisted throughout our well-designed care process. We are your advocate and are with you the entire time.

We strive to help you and your doctor by coordinating the steps in your healthcare, personalized to you.

We Are Passionate About Great Service.
See What Our Patients Have to Say:

“5th Vital Healthcare has been a Godsend. They are with you through the entire process and I reduced my pain by 70% almost immediately after the procedure. My care coordinator called me often to check in on how I was feeling and if she could help in any way.”

Cheryl K., Spinal Cord Stimulator Patient

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